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The Value of Your Premium Dollar

The food sourcing and distribution industry requires specialized coverage designed to meet the needs of its trade. Insurance is only one of many tools which can be used to build an effective risk management system. Included in the value of every premium dollar spent, your customized insurance coverage is supplemented with an intricate Trade Support System unique to the insurance industry.

     Risk Evaluation

    Risk profiles are provided on all packing houses from which you wish to source product. Our proprietary database details 15 years of trading experience in our pool and 15 years of FDA detention and refusal histories broken down by country, packer and product.

     Customizing Your Exposure To Risk

    You may choose your own level of risk aversion and choose between self insurance, full and/or partial indemnification. All of the choices may be used concurrently in different parts of your trading portfolio.

     Loss Prevention Services

    Loss prevention memorandums are issued periodically to all policyholders.  These memos cover a wide range of HACCP, regulatory, transportation and legal topics which will enhance your understanding of the trade risk and allow you to avoid pitfalls which can expose you to greater losses.

     Customizing Your Insurance Coverage

    Special manuscripting of coverage is provided to customize and respond to different and unusual trading scenarios.

     Insurance Practices

    Consulting is provided concerning appropriate investigating practices and coverage interpretation in the event you must lodge a transportation or regulatory claim against another insurer, such as when shipments are purchased on a C.I.F. basis.

     HACCP Compliance

    Consulting is provided on HACCP verification and the "paperwork trail" necessary to establish compliance with HACCP, enforced as of December 18, 1997. Members of our staff are HACCP certified.

     Legal Recovery Services

    Consulting is provided on international trade and Inland Marine legal issues to enable you to maximize recoveries from third parties promptly and effectively.

     Commercial Documentation Requirements

    Consulting is provided on matters related to Letter of Credit documentary requirements, U.S. Customs practices, Bill of Lading drafting and interpretation practices, and C.I.T.E.S. requirements.

     Regulatory Compliance

    You will have access to our specialized knowledge, involving the "nuts and bolts" of FDA, EU and DFO regulatory practices, and how they differ from one entry district to another, as well as from one country to another.

     Claim Support Network

    Your claims will be managed by our affiliate company, International Cargo Loss Prevention, Inc. Our staff and appointed surveyors routinely investigate claims within the U.S. and Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, the E.U. and Russia. Surveyors are given specific instructions based on recent legal decisions which serve to maximize recovery for both the assured and the insurer. Investigations are prompt and comprehensive. Appeals before the FDA, USDA, DFO and/or EU are handled entirely in-house.

     Getting To Know Our Clients

    MMIB account executives visit all major accounts at their principal office locations so that our mutual understanding and cooperation can enhance and better focus our services. MMIB also exhibits at the Boston Seafood Show and periodically attends other trade shows throughout the USA, as well as those held in Brussels and Paris (SIAL).

     Time Zone Management

    MMIB staffs three offices within the United States. Corporate offices are situated in Park City, Utah, located within the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. At 8300 feet elevation and just outside of Salt Lake City, our offices are a short drive from numerous renowned ski resorts and winter recreation areas. Our West Coast office is strategically located in Fountain Valley, Southern California, which is only a 20 minute drive from most of the ports and public cold stores that serve the region. An East Coast office is located in Stoneham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. By design, both coastal offices are located minutes away from FDA district offices allowing us to physically document certain events more effectively.

     Strategic and Timely Decision Making

    Traditionally, policyholders work through brokers or agents, who must often network through another broker or agent, who then in turn, speak with the underwriter concerning a policyholder’s request to add, delete or change coverage. This process is painfully slow and rife with opportunity for miscommunication. In our program, you speak directly to the underwriter, for as long as necessary, so that each party fully understands the changes in coverage required. Often, coverage is created for your unique trading scenario. We cannot over emphasize the strategic importance of adding to or changing your existing coverage to meet your immediate trading needs. This service alone gives you a distinct competitive advantage in the area of new product acquisition.

     Good Experience Dividend Returns

    Based on your good experience, it is possible to earn up to a 25% return of your gross marine and rejection premium paid during your first and subsequent twelve month periods of insurance.

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